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Testimonials of Bear River Chiropractic

Read testiomnoials from our patients in Grass Valley, California.

"We met Dr. Jim because our son had sprained his ankle playing basketball and was playing in a tournament. Our coach called Dr. Jim, and we met him at his office on a Saturday night. After a treatment that night, our son was walking and playing in the game the next day. From there, Dr. Jim has treated all of our family, from headaches in our son, to common back to pain, to injuries too. Before I met Dr. Jim, I had back surgery (2000) and I was beginning to experience some of the symptoms again. He helped me get back my life again without another surgery. He also worked with one of our sons who had been experiencing back pain since 4th grade, and was able to help him continue to play sports and manage his back issues. We, as a family, completely recommend Dr. Jim.

~ Karen Beskeen, Grass Valley, CA

"I have been going to this office for years of maintenance work and the occasional emergency. Dr. Jim is fantastic. He cares about his patients and shares his vast knowledge to help keep you well.

~ Ceylon Smith, Grass Valley, CA

"Dr. Jim is not only an incredible Doctor, but a wonderful person. He has changed my life! As a sufferer of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, he has restored my ability to function almost normally once again and to virtually eliminate the horrible pain I experienced! I am so grateful to have him in my life! Thank you Dr. Jim!

~ Paul Wright, Auburn, CA

"I was referred to Dr. Jim McCririe by a friend who thought he could help me with pain arising from my spinal and cervical stenosis. I'm a real skeptic when it comes to chiropractic, but was so desperate I decided to give Dr. Jim a try. I walked out of that first appointment without pain! I've continued to see Dr. Jim as needed over the past two years. He's not one to get a patient hooked into weekly treatments for life. As my symptoms improved, he recommended that I come less often. The benefits of his treatments last, and he taught me exercises and stretches that promote healing. One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Jim is his holistic sports medicine approach. He looks at the whole person, including diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and spends time asking his patients about their goals. He supports me in being an active 62-year old who hikes, kayaks, and gardens, rather than giving me lectures about the need to take it easy. He's a skilled healer who walks his talk -- and he's a nice guy. I highly recommend Dr. Jim McCririe at Bear River Chiropractic.

~ Cheryl Pirtle, Penn Valley, CA

"EXCELLENT, wise, compassionate Doctor. My husband was in crisis with his lower back and hip. Dr. McCririe worked with him through his pain on every level, mind and soul. Highly recommend and greatly appreciated."

~ Kate Bryans (Rex Bryans), Colfax, CA

"My experience with Dr. McCririe and Merly, his office manager, has always been so positive. I have seen him for spinal adjustments (love the machine he uses) and for migraine headaches. He imparts much health information that is well researched in a way that I can understand in order to apply to my situation. I have been to his stretch classes and do them at home (bought a stretch stick and love it). He always shares pertinent current health wellness information that helps me continue to stay healthy. You can tell he and Merly are dedicated to keeping you well and functional. Thank you to both."


"Dr. Jim is the best chiropractor I have ever met. With his gentle approach using the Ultralign equipment to detect the root cause of the problem, he is able to deliver a gentle and efficient treatment with great results. He also offers a stretching class that is "a must" to keep our flexibility and balance. Thank you Dr. Jim for all you dedication to your patients!"

~Duska Srdic, Auburn, CA

"I had a bad shoulder and side that just kept hurting and would not heal. I went to Dr. Jim and after a few sessions my pain stopped. I started his "STICK" classes and what a difference! I'm stretching more now and have improved my strength as well as my ability to move. I feel great. I'm in my 70's and recommend Dr. Jim to everyone."

~ Lonn Fisher, Grass, Valley, CA

"Bear River Chiropractic is the best kind of treatment for my neck injury and my headaches. I always feel better when I leave. It is very safe and therapeutic. Much better than traditional treatment forms. Dr. Jim is very knowledgeable and caring."

~ Charlotte Rutherford, Grass Valley, CA

"I have been taking the stick stretching class with Dr. Jim. Everytime I go to the class I feel much better and more flexible. It also makes me feel younger and puts me in a good mood!"

~ Ellen Chervenick, Grass Valley, CA

"We usually seek help from the medical world when we are in pain ... So I did for my chronic back pain. I took my friend's advice to meet Dr Jim. This has been the best advice! At the first exam and meeting I understood that the pain is really a result of many years of unawareness of postures and so on and with his help, it could change... And it did! His techniques are precise and gentle, he reflects on your overall condition and...he cares! I have recommended Dr. Jim to all my friends in pain and I am seeing some life changing going on for them too!"

~Edithe Minne, Oregon House, CA

"I have been suffering from the arthritic hip for some time which was putting a crimp in my golf game. With Dr. Jim's treatments I was able to continue golfing relatively pain free for quite some time."

~ Jan Phillips, Auburn, CA

"I highly recommend Ultralign chiropractic treatment as an alternative to relief and improvement for those aches and pains that no one else can seem to fix."

~ Linda Lancaster, Auburn, CA

"Many people are walking around today not associating the accidents of our past to the pain we feel today. The smartest thing I ever did was to listen to my friend recommend her chiropractor. You have absolutely nothing to loose but your whole life to gain. I encourage you to give Bear River Chiropractic a try."

~ Laura Violette, Rough & Ready, CA

"I was suffering with recurring headaches, heartburn, allergies and I had trouble sleeping through the night. The Ultralign and Dr. Jim have changed my life. I encourage people to be proactive... Wellness is better than crisis treatment later."

~Ofelia Bizeau, Elk Grove, CA

"I had constant low back, hip and leg pain and I've had 2 major back surgeries. With Dr. Jim's treatment and the Ultralingn the pain is much more under control. I seldom have to take any pain medications. Don't be afraid to try this type of chiropractic treatment. If you follow the doctor's plan for you the pain will decease and the healing will begin."

~Jeanne Donovan, Grass Valley, CA

"I was in pain every day for seven years. I had knee surgery and physical therapy. Dr. Jim's treatment and with the Ultralign the swelling in my knee reduced. I am finally able to dance again and look forward to playing soccer."

~ Chellsie Ortega, Auburn, CA

"I was suffering from sever dizziness, migraines, facial sensations, back and neck pain. Driving aggravates my condition and as a result I have been on medical leave for over a year. With Dr. Jim's treatment and the Ultraling I got instant relief. I am now able to walk without seeking to hold onto something and is no longer in constant pain. I am even able to drive now. I highly recommend the Ultralign. Take the plunge!"

~ Kevin Glover, Auburn, CA

"I had lower back pain and I was not getting better with pain pills. Seeing Dr. Jim has made a world of difference in my life. My back feels better and got instant relief with the help of the Ultralign. I am now able to do all my chores. I can now bend and pick up things on the floor. Walking is no longer painful and my appetite has improved 100%."

~ Annie Williston, Grass Valley, CA

"I was in terrible pain and could not walk. Dr. Jim and the Ultralign got rid of the terrible pains I had before I saw him. Now I am able to walk without pain. I can go fly fishing and boating again. Come see Dr. Jim. he is really good and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Jim."

~ Henry Hoyt, Nevada City, CA

"I had low back pain and a stiff neck for at least a year and was unable to do yard work or walk comfortably. I had been used to walking about 3 miles each morning and no longer could do that. After only three weeks of treatment I can now do quite a bit of yard work and can walk at least 2 miles comfortably even though I have not completed treatment. I look forward to walking 3 miles very soon. I highly recommend Dr. McCririe's treatments! His treatment is very beneficial for any spinal misalignment."

~ Joan Moore, Grass Valley, CA

"I have had back problems since 1988, bulged discs and muscle joint pain. I have had other chiropractic method from various other chiropractors. I was taking 3 or 4 different pain medications and became dependent on Vicodin. With Dr. Jim's help I was able to finally get off my pain medications. My condition changed dramatically! Thanks to this great doctor and the Ultralign. He cares about his patients and is devoted to increasing their quality of life. His method with the Ultralign is gentle and easy, no fear of being cracked. My life since a year ago is like a new one. Thank you, Dr. Jim."

~ Joe Tate, Grass Valley, CA