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C60 Cacao
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This is the most delicious way to use our C60 daily! Reinforced with Hydrogen H2 for optimum Health Effects! Sweetened with Certified Organic Monk Fruit Extract.


Additional Details
Health Benefits:
Incredible and prolonged endurance
Amazing energy and stamina
Feeling of happiness
Sustained calmness
Cellular metal detox
Cellular pesticides detox
Liver support
Heightened immunity
Better sleep
Brain fog lift
Radiation, EMF, ELF reduced sensitivity
Better memory
Better mood throughout the day
Repopulation of gut’s flora
Gut’s lining support and repair
Heart health support
Feeling lighter and younger
May prolong life span and slow down aging process
Supports over 300 biological functions
Super antioxidant action of the synergistic effect (over 100 times higher then any other antioxidant on its own)
Emotional uplift and support
Confidence support