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This stretch involves the middle part of the spine to be done in a couple of steps.
First thing to do is take your feet shoulder width apart. Then we are going to take our stick on your right hand. Take your right hand on top of the stick. Your left hand goes down on the bottom of the stick. Pull yourself all the way to the corner of the stick until you can look back at your left heel. Hold that position for 10 seconds.
Then bring yourself back up to the upright position. Swing your stick to the outside of the left foot, about mid foot. Put your left hand on top of the stick. Take your right hand, palm up, reach down and grab the bottom of the stick. Straighten up your legs and pull yourself all the way around the corner, looking back at your right heel. Hold that position for a count of 10. After that pull your self back up. Look straight ahead, take a deep breath in and exhale. That completes the stretch for your mid back area.

Thank you for viewing the video. See you at the next Dynamic Stick Stretch VIdeo demonstration.