This is an introduction to Dynamic Spinal Stick Fitness. Dynamic Spinal Stick Fitness is for everyone young and old. It is an innovative, systematic and effective approach to fitness and body awareness through warm-ups, stretching and toning while using a 4 foot or 6-foot rattan pole as a partner or tool. It is a gentle blend of yoga, tai chi, and martial arts with its purpose to learn new motor skills.

Dynamic Spinal Stick Fitness improves posture, reduces stress, energizes, helps prevent injuries, enhances flexibility, improves coordination, strength, and endurance. The focus is on postural alignment, spinal stabilization, and overall range of motion with the use of a rattan pole. Through innovative movements which are performed at various speeds and in various directions, with mindful repetition, the correct form is learned and good mechanical movement patterns are established.

Dr. Jim is a certified Dynamic Spinal Stick Fitness instructor. He does group classes three times a week as well as private classes. For the full schedule, please go to Calendar of Events.

We limit the participation and take reservations. Please call (530) 268-2288 to make your reservation. Join us for a fun-filled stick fitness gathering.

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